Friday, February 11, 2011


In my opinion, Storage wars is as fake as a three dollar bill. Yes, I know I said that it all looked real, but as I see more episodes, I am picking up on the game. Last nights show in Las Vegas called auction Royale was the icing on the cake. I never share an opion until I am sure. So in my opinion Storage Wars must be put on the shelf with all the rest. After living in Las Vegas for 9 years of my young life, and working for casinos in managment postions, I can tell you alot about these Las Vegas epsiodes. In part one, you need to watch to see the cast and crew are staying at the Golden Nugget downtown. ( Wow a hit show and they don't even get the Palms Hotel uptown, instead they are downtown ).

If you watch the show, Jarrod and his side kick Brandi find $712.00 in poker chips. Wow, what a find!  Let's all get on a plane and go to Las Vegas and buy units. NOT! After living  and working in Las Vegas I can tell you one thing, poker chip must be cashed in at the casino they are from.  You can not take a Palms chip to the MGM and get cash.  The chips are made for one reason to keep you at the property they are from. If you watch the episode at you will see that Jarrod and Brandi cash in their found chips at the Golden Nugget.  Now people listen, Las Vegas is all about odds. What do you think the odds are that someone could go out into the 40 mile wide city of Las Vegas, purchase one shed unit of about 30,000 units in the city and find a stack of poker chips, and that those chips just happen to match up to where you're staying. Let's all play Megabucks because we have a better chance to win that one then this chip fantasy.

I also ask you if you were going to lose your belongings for owning 300.00 in back rent (shed rents are cheap in Vegas) would you not go to your unit and cash in your chips and get your stuff. COME ON ALREADY! The definition of reality is: real.   The new definition by reality TV must be real with a twist of  B.S. Unfortunitly, the B.S. is growing.

Another thing I need you all to be aware of is you might hear the cast members saying, "Well this won't fit in the car so I need to take the valuables.  Not how it happens folks.  If you buy a 10 x 10 full of crap you own 100 square feet of crap.  You own it all and you haul it ALL. Watch the shows for fun  but beware it's not real life. And the casted Auctioneers will have to answer soon as to how they are placing these items in legally liened units. Thats right  the units are part of a legal process and no one is to ever enter into someone elses stuff prior to it being truely sold. The owners of that stuff have up to the time they raise that door to pay the rent and pull it from sale.If you want to learn this business this is where you need to be on Wednesday nights:  reading my blog and learning the true in and outs of the business.


  1. Hi Chad,
    Haven't heard from you lately on your blog. Any new good information coming up? Really like hearing your stories! It's keeps us inspired to continue. Sandy :)

  2. Its not fake I do storage auctions ans I try to avoid them when the word is out they are filming. One day I decided to stay and was at the filming. I did bid on every unit, darrell and Jarrod did win a couple of units. As for the auctioneer dan he has been doing this for years. They do the auction just like any other but then they do a retake, after the auction was won. I do believe they get inside information though, when you are paid 12k to 15K per episode they will out bid most of us regulars.

    Also to not dan, darrell and dave I saw 10 years ago doing this.

  3. Kenda your why the shows last. Santa is a myth so is finding $1000's in cash or treasures in a storage unit. The owner of the unit would pay for the rent. I am not saying it doesn't happen some folks do go to prison or pass on but the legal fallout when someone passes on and the family finds the unit info. they have right to sue the property & buyer. they may not win but it can cost the buyer $1000's in court cost and legal team cost to defend themselves. Next time you go to a sale that they have you sign a package ( u store it, able storage) read that package close. it states buyer will sell back unit to property at property's request. there is a reason for that being in that packet. Just don't believe everything you see on TV that's why they call it Hollywood.I have been on 8 of these sets so far and they are just that sets. the regulars are just fillers extras if you will. and the best part by Hollywood standards extras get $100.00 per day how much have you made.

  4. Hey bro, I honestly think the reason it looks like things are planted is because they only show the best lockers. If they find something cool in a locker that wasn't shot, sure they may have planted the item. This show is nothing more than an antiques roadshow for the younger generation. Who cares how they get the items? Its about finding random crap and learning about old stuff.

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but don't chips sort of expire after a while? I read somewhere that casinos change their chips out regularly and that the old ones can't be cashed in anymore. If that's true, then the odds of Jarrod finding current chips for the casino they happen to be staying at have to be through the roof. Dude should have placed a few bets while he was there, his luck was really in. *sarcasm*

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  7. I've had the misforturn of going into Dave's former store, Rags To Riches. Show's not fake. But Dave's a real putz. Terrible customer service and so low he sells used urns from pets and people he's found. God only knows what he did with the ashes. Thankfully he closed the store and left Costa Mesa.

    In fact, the show was the only thing keeping that store going. His customer service was so bad and his prices so high that no one shopped there. Also his products were junk. Chipped and broken dishes, beat up purses, you could find better stuff at The Salvation Army or Goodwill.

  8. I live and work in New York City. As recently as early 2010 the antiques business was "in the toilet" as one merchant described it. I dispute the values that are put on the various items found in the lockers. Further, most people these days are looking for real bargains in what are commonly referred to as "junk stores". I also doubt the credibility of people abandoning valuable items. I was a victim of the New York financial mess for awhile and I lost some things in storage but I was given ample opportunity to redeem them before they were sold. The low lifes in this show are what I would call "bottom feeders".

  9. Chad, several of your statements are false. I get chips weekly as tips. You can take any chip from ANY casino to any other casino and they WILL. Cash it in. Ive done it at Boulder station, Hard Rock, stratosphere, to name a few. Doubt me? Call any casino and ask.
    In fact, i will buy $100 worth of chips from Hard Rock and you and i can go to any casino of your choice to cash them in. I will pay you $25 for each chip that is refused to cash in.
    Secondly, i used to by storage sheds in colorado. The renter of the casino chip locker would not have access to his stuff to retrieve his chips or anything else of value.
    Also, people lose their storage for many more reasons then they cant afford them. I have bought lockers from a Hells Angel that was sent to prison. A family killed in a car wreck.. even a couple deported. Numerous other reasons. Suicides, deadbeats. The list goes on.
    you need to get your fact straight before you babble on about things you know nothing about

  10. @Eire. Yes, they do change the chips. Casinos have a book the can check when cashing in chips from other casinos. As long as the chips is in the book, expired or not they will still cash it in.
    For Chaf being in Vegad for 9 years i think he said. He has no idea what he is talking about

  11. Im not arguing that the show is real since i dont know. But i do know that casinos do cash chips from other casinos. Chips werent made to keep you at their casino they were made so security could count money easily on camera as well as to de value your dollar.. would you rather bet a 100$ bill or a clay chip???? Also I think its bogus that there are 800$ in chips in the unit but im guessing that person died? went to jail? army? many options... besides they dont show every unit they just show the goodies im sure.. no different then televised poker no one wants to see some people dig through a shitty smelly locker.
    I still have my doubts about the show but your facts are LAME

  12. Storage Wars is fake? Maybe the producers of the show plant items in the lockers? Either way who cares, it entertains me for 22 minutes (fast foward the commercials). When did people start thinking TV shows were real anyway? Thats just like gangster rappers leaving the recording studio to kill rival rappers and sell kilos of cocaine? Come on people, get a clue

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  14. Guys Its TV. Guess what: Superman is fake too.

  15. Replies
    1. I find it extremely humorous that people actually spend time trying to "prove" it is fake and bashing the show without ample knowledge of the workings. While I admit, I did just search whether it is fake or not, it does not matter to me. It is television, with the sole intention of being entertaining. All that matters to me is that I learn something. A lot of the things they "find" are interesting and learning the history behind them is fascinating. At least more fascinating than watching "my redneck vacation/wedding" or "Maury" and all those other B.S. brain rot shows. I have been to a storage auction, and have made money from the storage auction; however, not the $15,000 they imply. IN MY PERSONAL OPINION, if this TV show gets people off their fat asses and gets their bratty children off of XBOX for two hours, who cares if it is real or fake? If these mentioned people spend their money ignorantly without having any knowledge of the contents they can see, that is their own fault. It is not the fault of the show or the auctioneer on the show. If it is a unit with a single, closed cardboard box and someone wants to spend a thousand dollars to find out it is full of used, dirty underwear because they saw on Storage Wars that it could be filled with gold coins, then they should really wake the hell up.

      Also, I find it humorous that others actually think people care to know, with a name like "Kammy j burrito taco bell", whether or not you watch Storage Wars or Pawn Stars on your days of leisure.

  16. well if you guys don't believe him, maybe you will believe Dave's Lawsuit

    Former "Storage Wars" star Dave Hester is suing A&E and alleging that significant aspects of hit reality show are fake, Deadline reports.

    According to the lawsuit obtained by Deadline, Hester claims that "Storage Wars" producers plant expensive items -- such as a BMW, or a newspaper announcing Elvis' death -- in storage lockers that its stars are supposed to be blindly bidding on.

    “['Storage Wars'] regularly 'salts' the storage lockers that are the subject of the auctions portrayed on the Series with valuable or unusual items to add dramatic effect, even going so far as to stage entire storage units," the suit reads.

    Hester claims that he was fired from the show for complaining about the shady practice, and is seeking $3.5 million in damages.

    Dan Dotson, a representative of the show's auction company, refuted the allegations to TMZ, claiming that all storage units featured on the show are sealed before auction and are therefore not susceptible to tampering. "We only sell legitimate units on Storage Wars. Every unit goes through a 64-day legal process and no one has access to units prior to auction,” Dotson said.

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